• Where can I find Alerts?
Alerts are shared on the second Channel called “Alerts, News and Announcements.” This was sent to you on the email you got when you signed up. Alerts can also be found as “Pinned” messages at the top of both the group chat and the Alerts Channel. 

•  Do you share both Buy and Sell Alerts? 
Yes, I share alerts when I buy a stock, sell a stock, lower my position or add more shares to my position. It is your job to write them down and keep track of them as they come out. Additionally, you can use the “search chat” function to scan keywords and find info over stocks in both the Group Chat and Alerts Channel.

• I would like to upgrade my membership to the next Tier. 
If you would like to upgrade your membership to the next Tier. You will have to cancel your current subscription then simply head to the website and chose the option you want to upgrade to as you originally did when you signed up.

 • Where can I find the members website password? 
This password is frequently updated. This password can be found in the “pinned” messages as well. You can open and view all the pinned messages and you will find the password there with a few scrolls.


(These points may be changed/updated. There may be more added to the list over time)