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Cancellation Policy/ No Refund Policy

Last Updated on 01/20/2021

Thank you for becoming a member. We hope you are happy with your membership.
Please see below for more information on our no refund policy/cancellation policy.

Please note, you are responsible for e-mailing customer service to have your subscription closed 3 days prior to renewal date. We strongly recommend that you write down your renewal date and keep track of your charging date. Your charging date is the same date you signed up on. 




If you are not completely satisfied with your membership, unfortunately there are no refunds.
Please see below for more information on our no refund policy/cancellation policy.




Charlie Mar is community membership.

Please Note



     ●     Subscription cancellations may result in immediate removal of any service. Including but not limited to Group Chats, Channels, and or any Chats.    

     ●     Unfortunately, there are no refunds after the subscriber as received alerts, Files, DVD or service. Or, has been an active member.    




To cancel, please email customer service at
Please follow the instructions below exactly as shown so your membership may be cancelled properly:

Subject Line: "Cancel My Charlie Mar Membership"

  • Full Name: "First Name, Last Name"

  • E-Mail: "Your E-mail"

  • I.D: "Telegram Username, Display Name or Phone Number" (1 of the 3) 

  • Reasoning of cancellation: "Write a brief description, 1-3 sentences" 

Before joining make sure you read and understand the no refund/cancelation policies. Alongside the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer.    

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