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Value Stock Club

Join the society of Value Investors. A contrarian community where you can interact with others to find stocks trading below their Intrinsic Value. Use our custom bots to instantly get the fair value of companies like their NCAV, NNWC, NCPS, Intrinsic or Future Value. 

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Benjamin Graham

Warren Buffett &
Charlie Munger

Peter Lynch

Becoming Better Investors, Together.

Value Stock Club is the perfect community for like-minded individuals who are investing in the stock market. Particularly, for those with a second-level thinking mentality that follows a contrarian approach. A place where you can find many great ideas and also share your own. Members are loaded with tools and resources to make the best possible investment like a true value investor.


Explore Different Valuation Approaches In The Server

Club members gain access to the private Discord Server where you can find channels based on different valuation methods. Chat with other Value Investors over stocks to buy based on NCAV, NNWC, FCF, DCF, Graham's Number, EPS Multiple, and many more. 


Interact With The Live Valuation Bot 

Convenience is critical when it comes to searching for stocks to buy. As a member, you get the privilege to quickly get the valuation on any stock from any global market. Want to know the fair value of a particular company instantly? No problem. Ask the bot for an immediate result. From future value to liquidation value and many more results from legendary founding fathers; Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt, Ben Graham, Buffett, and more plus classic DCF, FCF. 

You can also get quick data like Top Fund holders, insiders, and many more Key Statistics all at the tip of your fingers.


Ask for Help & Advice 
When You Are Having Trouble With...

Scanning: Finding ways to scan the market?
Watchlist: Trouble creating your watchlist?
Buying: Knowing when you should buy?
Selling: Knowing when you should Sell?
Risk Management: How big your positions should be?

Length: How long should you hold your investments?
Patience: Letting investments come to you?

Probabilities: Understanding the probabilities of a trade?


Explore The Community

Make friends that are like minded in off topic channels where you can chat about Books, Side Hustles, Real Estate, Cars, Hobbies, Flipping Items, Taxes, Trading Card Games, Collectables, Crypto , and Recommended Videos. A place where you can share gains or losses to learn from one another. The Value Stock club is more than just an investors club, we are a family. 


Inspired Investing Approaches From

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Hear from Members

“The club has taught me more about creating wealth, financial education & the stock market than any college business or course I’ve ever taken. Formal education is cool and all that, but it is not meant to make you wealthy. If you truly want to put yourself in a better financial position, you’ll find a way to join the group. Priceless compared to the knowledge you’ll gain." - Mike Antoms (Twitter: @miks_antoms)

Why Join The Club? 

Interact with value investors from all over the world

  • 800+ Members

Investment ideas, help, and resources


  • Value Stock Watchlists + reports

  • Value Stock Alerts


Share your own ideas and thoughts

  • Help others

  • receive opinions on your findings

World Wide Stock Data

  • 7 Regions

  • 110 Countries


Start Learning Right Now...

"Rule Number One, Never Lose Money. Rule Number Two, Never Forget Rule Number One" 

- Warren Buffett


DISCLAIMER: The information shared throughout the Value Stock Club website and videos are personal results and opinions. Please understand that everyone may have different effects,  it is not implied you'll duplicate the same outcome. The average person who follows any "how-to" or "educational" information gets little to no results. Your results will vary and depend on various circumstances, including but not limited to, your background, experience, barriers, timing, lengths, limitations, and work ethic. All investments and trades entail risk, including but not limited to, stocks, options, crypto, or spreads. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.

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