About Charlie Mar

I, Charlie Mar will show you a powerful way to trade Crypto Currencies, Stocks and Options. You'll learn my effective patterns so that YOU can start catching those breakouts ahead of time. Trading based on Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, you will be able to determine the perfect Buy/Sell signals. I will introduce my effective tips, tricks, and techniques that will leave you stacking up profits. I provide GLOBAL LIVE alerts where I share my Personal Watchlist, News, Buy and Sell Signals. Let me show YOU exactly what to do and how you can do this on your own. It's time for YOU to stop working hard for money and start making money work hard for you. 

Let Me Guess. You Are Struggling with...

Scanning: Finding ways to scan the market?
Watchlist: Trouble creating your watchlist?
Buying: Knowing when you should buy?
Selling: Knowing when you should Sell?

Risk Management: How big your positions should be?

Length: How long should you hold your trade?
Patience: Letting trades come to you?

Probabilities: Understanding the probabilities of a trade?




What's Provided?

  • DVD Course (The Key to Becoming a Successful Trader)
  • Live Alerts
  • Daily and Weekly Watchlist 
  • Top Long-Term Investments to hold 
  • Group Chat
  • 1 on 1 Private DM Conversions  
  • Educational Videos
  • Learn the Trading Mentality 
  • News 
  • Top Trading Habits

“Charlie has taught me more about creating wealth, financial education and the stock market than any college business course I’ve ever taken. Formal education is cool and all that, but it is not meant to make you wealthy. If you truly want to put yourself in a better financial position, you’ll find a way to join the group. Priceless compared to the knowledge you’ll gain."

Miks Antoms, @miks_antoms


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